Sir Richard Rodney Bennett: Orchestral Works, Volume 3 with John Wilson


Sir Richard Rodney Bennett: Orchestral Works, Volume 3

Symphony No. 1, A History of the Thé Dansant, Reflections on a Sixteenth Century Tune, Zodiac

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, John Wilson

Chandos Chsa 5230 @ £11 plus P&P

About this recording ....

Bennett had a gift for human relationships – family, partners, friends, and fellow artists. Occasionally, his personal loyalty could become an obstacle to his creativity but overwhelmingly, his relationships were an inspiration. Each of the four works recorded here, in surround sound, has connections to a significant individual in his life. The composition of his First Symphony coincided with the arrival in his life of Dan Klein, who would become his long-term partner. Zodiac is dedicated to the composer Elisabeth Lutyens, whose music and personality Bennett cherished throughout his life, despite her often caustic manner. A History of the ‘Thé Dansant’ sets poems by his older sister, the poet Meg Peacocke, and doubles as a perceptive but unsentimental memoir of their long-dead parents. And Reflections on a Sixteenth Century Tune is dedicated to the conductor John Wilson, with whom Bennett shared a musical connection that deepened into a true and lasting friendship.

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