Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is the web site of Colchester Classics, Company Reg. No. 2264232 Business Registered in England 2006
Our postal address is:
Colchester Classics,
St Austell,
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Information Collected by this Web Site

Personally Identifiable Information

Colchester Classics (referred to as ‘We’ or ‘Us’ in the remainder of this privacy policy) collects and stores the following personally identifiable information through this site:

  • Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Marketing Communication Preferences

This information is used for the following purposes:

  • Administration of user accounts on this site, including detection and investigation of site abuse and potentially illegal activity
  • Administration of user submitted content including, but not limited to, images, posts and articles and other media uploaded through this site
  • Administration of comments on existing site content
  • Administration of and distribution of content to public email newsletters, updates and marketing materials
  • Publication of comments and user submitted content (Names only, Email Addresses are not shared publicly)
  • identification and filtering of spam comments and user submitted content in combination with third party databases

By registering for a user account or submitting comments, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of this information for the purposes described above.

We do not use personally identifiable information collected through this site for any other purpose, nor do we combine personally identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information collected by us or information collected by third parties for any other purpose.

We do not share personally identifiable information with third parties other than:

  • With third party providers contracted by us to perform the services described herein and not for any other purpose
  • As required by the lawful order of competent authority or in order to comply with any applicable statute, law or regulation

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Certain interactive features of this site may store non-personally identifiable information in your web browser using first-party cookies or HTML5 local storage objects, including, but not limited to:

  • Inputs to and/or results from this site’s interactive features
  • Configuration settings
  • Other technical information

The non-personally identifiable information collected by us is used for the following purposes:

  • Operation of this site
  • Operation of this site’s interactive features

By visiting this site and/or using its interactive features, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of this information for the purposes described.

Information Collected by Third Parties

Personally Identifiable Information

If you choose to make use of the social media sharing options on this site (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others), or promotional/purchase options on this site (e.g. Amazon) you should review the relevant platform’s policies for details about the personally identifiable information that it may collect and how it is used by that site.

We will use any Personally Identifiable information made available to us by the social media platform strictly in accordance with the policies and terms and conditions of that platform for the following purposes:

  • Administration of and controlling access to our accounts, pages and content on the platform, including detection and investigation of abuse and potentially illegal activity
  • Administration of user submitted content including, but not limited to, images, posts and articles and other media uploaded through the platform, including the sharing, redistribution and publishing of such content on this site and on other social media platforms as we see fit
  • Administration of comments submitted on the platform
  • Administration of and distribution of content to via the platform, including making use of the advertising and promotional features of the platform

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

IP Addresses

We record the IP address from which you are browsing, including through the use of Google Analytics, for the following purposes:

  • Web site analytics, such as tracking new and repeat visits, analysing browsing behaviour, monitoring sources of web traffic referral to this site and analysis of other non-personally identifiable data
  • Managing the security of this site, including blocking malicious web site traffic and other unacceptable use of this site


We use a geo-targeting database in conjunction with your IP address for the following purposes:

  • To ensure that relevant advertising materials are displayed to you by attempting to determine the country from which you are browsing.  (We do not attempt to determine your identity or your location any more precisely than at the country level.)

Google Products

To manage advertising and this site, we use several Google products, including Google AdSense, Google Analytics, and a range of DoubleClick-branded services. When you visit a page that uses one of these products, various cookies may be sent to your browser.

Google and its partners, including Google certified third-party vendors or ad networks, may use these cookies for a number of purposes, such as to stop you seeing the same advertisement over and over again, to detect and stop click fraud, to show advertisements that are likely to be more relevant, and to track non-personally identifiable visitor and usage statistics on this site.

Google’s use of the DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve advertisements based on your prior visits to this sites and/or other sites on the Internet.

We use non-personally identifiable information, including data from Google’s Interest-based advertising or third-party audience data (such as age, gender and interests) to track advertising revenue, and in conjunction with Google Analytics in order to make editorial decisions about production of new site content that will be relevant to visitors and to improve the overall visitor experience of this site.

Third-party cookies may be set from a few different domains, including,,,,, or Some of Google’s advertising products enable its partners to use other services in conjunction with Google’s (like an ad measurement and reporting service) and these services may send their own cookies to your browser. These cookies will be set from their domains.

See more detail about the types of cookie used by Google and its partners, and how they use them.

Google’s advertising systems may use other technologies, including Flash and HTML5, for functions like display of interactive ad formats. Google may use the IP address, for example, to identify your general location. Google may also select advertising based on information about your computer or device, such as your device model, browser type, or sensors in your device like the accelerometer.

To serve advertisements in services where cookie technology may not be available (for example, in mobile applications), Google may use anonymous identifiers. These perform similar functions to cookies.

Social Media Platforms

To manage promotion and advertising of our accounts, pages and content on the relevant social media platform, including use of anonymous audience engagement and demographic data and analysis made available to us through the platform.

Managing Use of Cookies and other Technologies

  • You may remove any non-personally identifiable information stored in your web browser from your use of this site’s interactive features by clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies.
  • You may manage cookies in your web browser.
  • You may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising and manage the Google advertisements you see by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.
  • You may visit some Google certified third-party vendors or ad networksweb sites to opt out of the use of cookies for interest-based advertising if the vendor or ad network offers this capability.
  • You may also manage many vendors’ cookies used for online advertising at the US-based Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choicepage, the US-based Network Advertising Initiative’s Consumer Choices page and the EU-based Your Online Choices.
  • You may prevent Google Analytics from collecting data about your use of this site by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.
  • To control the ads that Google serves to apps on your mobile device, you can use Google’s Ads Settings for apps. To change your preferences, or to opt out of interest-based ads, follow the instructions below for your mobile device.


  • Open the Google Settings app on your device
  • Select Ads


Some apps on iOS devices use Apple’s Advertising Identifier; to learn more about limiting ad tracking using this identifier, visit the Settings menu on your iOS device. Legacy apps on your iOS device, as well as apps on devices running older versions of iOS, may use a different device identifier. To opt out for these apps:

  • Open the Google Search app on your device
  • Press the Settings icon
  • Go to Ads Preferences

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