Haydn's Complete Concertos

HAYDN’s Complete Concertos on 6 CDs for £26*

      “…  a most rewarding compilation, with performances and recording of the highest quality and, with a handsome accompanying booklet, the set is offered in a most presentable box.” Penguin Guide 2011 edition

      The Complete Concertos performed by Augustin Hadelich – violin, Dmitri Babanov – horn, Harald Hoeren – harpsichord/fortepiano/organ, Ariadne Daskalakis – violin, Jürgen Schuster – trumpet, Maria Kliegel – cello, Sebastian Knauer – piano,Ketil Haugsand – harpsichord, Daniel Rothert & Philipp Spätling – recorders, Benoît Fromanger & Ingo Nelken – flutes, Christian Hommel – oboe, Cologne Chamber Orchestra / Helmut Müller-Brühl

      This boxed set includes all the surviving concertos of Haydn as well as some of the works which have been attributed to the composer. Haydn is not primarily known for his concertos, yet beacons such as the Trumpet Concerto and the D major Cello Concerto remain justly and universally popular. Included alongside these works are five concertos for two lire organizzate (performed on two recorders/two flutes/flute and oboe), ten keyboard concertos (performed on harpsichord/organ/piano), the three violin concertos, and the ‘little’ D major Cello Concerto among others. This wonderfully varied set thus throws a spotlight on a less-celebrated area of Haydn’s extraordinary output.

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