FRANCK, SZYMANOWSKI and FAURE from Tasmin Little with Piers Lane

Franck: Violin Sonata in A major, Szymanowski: Violin Sonata in D minor, Op. 9, Romance in D major, Op. 23, Notturno e Tarantella, Op. 28 Fauré: Romance in B flat major, Op. 28.

Tasmin Little – Violin, Piers Lane – Piano

On 24 April 2017,  Tasmin Little and Piers Lane brought this new CD to life in the studio. BBC Radio 3, 4.30pm

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“It occurred to me while listening to this sensitively planned programme that the vintage violinist who Tasmin Little most reminds me of is Alfredo Campoli in his prime, by which I mean parallel degrees of warmth, tonal bloom, agility and a feeling of oneness with the instrument that spins the illusion that for the duration she is the violin. These are wholesome, red-blooded performances, direct and deeply satisfying, with no lack of imagination, the Szymanowski Sonata (1904) audibly reflective of both Brahms and Schumann, though the ethereal glitter that fills the composer’s later output edges around much of the canvas.

I note with interest that Tasmin Little is scheduled to record Szymanowski’s two violin concertos and on the evidence of what we have here I’m confident that we shan’t be disappointed, provided she’s granted top-notch orchestral support.” Gramophone June 2017.

“The folk-inflected central movement brings some almost Rachmaninovian writing for the piano, which Lane projects superbly, and the finale hardly ever lets up its torrid progress, getting a high voltage delivery. That energy overflows into the highly- strung Romance, before the more oriental world of the Notturno, and the crackling virtuosity of the Tarantella – a long way from the calm of the Franck which started the CD.” BBC Music Magazine, 5 *

“The agony and the ecstasy of Szymanowski. Poland’s finest composer (after Chopin) is well served. The admirable British violinist Tasmin Little, impeccably partnered by the pianist Piers Lane, explore Szymanowski in a fine recital recording that cannily places his music next to Franck’s celebrated Sonata in A and Faure’s lovely Romance.  Despite not being Polish, French or German, Little and Lane play all superbly.” The Times

“Such dazzlingly assured, unflinchingly communicative music-making, this, vividly captured by the microphones. Franck’s adorable Violin Sonatas comes up as fresh as new paint in this urgently expressive and memorably flexible performance by Tasmin Little and Pers Lanes. It is followed by a no less sympathetic rendering of Gabriel Faure’s Romance in B flat major, a charming morsel completed in 1877. The rest of the programme is give over to three work by Szymanowski …. the early (1904) D minor Violin Sonata, a big-hearted three-movement creation… an especially endearing, gorgeously songful slow movement with a deliciously playful pizzicato interlude at its hear. The soaringly lyrical Romance evinces a strong kinship with the composer’s Second Symphony while the Notturno e Tarantella serves up an intoxicating feast of heady voluptuousness and headlong virtuosity.

Excellent news, too, that Little has already set down both of Szymanowski’s glorious violin concertos with Ed Gardner and the BBC SO – a mouthwatering prospect indeed.” Andrew Achenbach,

“… impassioned performances by violinst Tasmin Little and her regular pianist Piers Lane. All their discs for Chandos include duo works that deserve to be better known. Szymanowski’s Sonatas Op 9, expansive and romantic with some of the grandeur of Franck’s sonata, has energy and poetry.  Little is one of the most open-hearted players around, with a watertight virtuosity to match.  These are direct and generous performances to savour.”  The Guardian

“Britain’s foremost classical violinist, Tasmin Little, continues to make good use of her exclusive contract with Chandos with this album, which, with her regular partner the Australian pianist Piers Lane, winningly combines the familiar with the unfamiliar.

The one acknowledged masterpiece here, Franck’s Sonata, full of gorgeous tunes, receives a performance of passion and insight. It alone is worth the price of this disc.  This cleverly devised CD, with 77 minutes of music, deserves wide circulation.” The Mail on Sunday, 9 April 2017 

Chandos 10940 @ £12.25*

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