Eduard STRAUSS I – A Centenary Celebration inc World Premiere recordings

Eduard STRAUSS I (1835 – 1916) A Centenary Celebration

Grusse an die Aula, Mit Extrapost, Bruder Studio!, Doctrinen

Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, John Georgiadis


Marco Polo 8225369 @ £14.25*

Throughout his life, Eduard Strauss’s compositions were unfavourably compared with those by his elder brothers, Johann II (1825 – 1899) and Josef (1827 – 1870), yet many of his works, especially those dating from the 1870s and 1880s, easily stand comparison with those crafted by his two famous siblings.

Moreover, in two particular dance genres  the quick polka and the gallop, Eduard was in a class of his own. As the Strauss authority Professor Franz Mailer stated: “Posterity must make restitution to Eduard Strauss.  It is to be hoped that, at the very least, this present recording will encourage a reassessment of his unique musical genius.

Marco Polo’s voluminous Strauss Edition has for decades been a standard bearer for Josef and Johann Strauss (both father and son). Eduard Strauss, the youngest brother of the Strauss dynasty has however become something of a forgotten figure, and considerable interest was raised in Vienna when the release of this CD was announced at the annual “Tanz-Signale” international Strauss symposium in March this year.

With the exception of two pieces, all of the works on this release are world premiere recordings. They are also performed in their original instrumentation, and are as faithful a recreation of the mid-19th century ballroom as one could imagine. This recording coincides with the centenary of Eduard Strauss’s death in 1916 but is very much a celebration of his remarkable life on the concert stage as a true forefather to today’s fabulously popular Andre Rieu.

Marco Polo 8225369

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