DEBUSSY – Piano music played by Steven Osborne. Gramophone Editor’s Choice.

Steven Osborne’s unerring command of the elusive ambiguities of Debussy’s piano-writing has already been amply confirmed by his earlier recording of the two books of Préludes; these lustrous new accounts of the Images, Estampes and Children’s Corner are every bit their equal.

Gramophone Editor’s Choice, November 2017 Osborne traverses this well-known repertory with obvious relish, relying on immense musical and technical resources to reveal fresh, unexpected perspectives on music we all thought we knew. Intimacies of disarming candour are whispered into the ear…This is music-making of great subtlety and finesse which neither lovers of Debussy and French music nor those who value piano-playing on the highest artistic level will want to miss.

“here Osborne’s phrasing and pacing is pure and poetic, as well as raptly atmospheric in ‘The Snow is Dancing’ and it finishes with a deliciously louche cake-walk.”

The Sunday Times “Osborne is immaculate, as passionate as precise, equally irresistible in Debussy’s filigree, his bravura or his spacious monumentality.”

The Guardian “Forget any cliches of hazy impressionism, Osborne brings directness and muscle, and the boldest aspects of texture, form and image stand out in ultra high definition as a result…what makes Osborne’s interpretations so revelatory is his willingness to state in plain terms what many pianists make blurry. It shows up the astounding modernism of Debussy’s piano music”

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