Tasmin Little plays Beach, Schumman and Smyth

Tasmin Little plays …..
Amy March Cheney Beach: Sonata Op.34, Romance, Invocation
Clara Schumann: Drei Romanzen, Op 22
Dame Ethel Smyth: Sonata Op 7
Tasmin Little, violin, John Lenehan, piano

Chandos 20030 at £11 plus P&P 

John Brunning’s Classic FM Drive Time CD of the Week (4 – 8 Feb 2019)

BBC Music Magazine Little strikes gold with female composers. Steph Powers revels in a collection of impressive and characterful works by Beach, Schumann and Smyth. This album makes a seemingly effortless case for their music.  

This delightful, beautifully performed album by Tasmin Little and John Lenehan makes an emphatic, seemingly effortless case for their music presenting all but one of Beach’s works in the genre alongside Smyth and Schumann’s single contributions. Beautiful playing: Tasmin Little is on outstanding form.”

Artsfuse.orgYou can hardly ask for more from violinist Tasmin Little’s new recording of neglected violin and piano pieces by mid- and late Romantic women composers. A terrific disc for the New Year, then: a couple of top flight artists providing just the type of advocacy one might desire for this unjustly maligned fare.”

Classical Source, Tully Potter. “Although the sole reason for this programme appears to be that all the composers were women, the Sonatas by Mrs H. H. A. Beach (strangely called here “Amy Marcy Cheney Beach”, of which more anon) and the young Ethel Smyth do go well together. They are both richly romantic works but for some reason neither has come my way before, although I have admired both of these redoubtable women for many years and have acquired records of other works by them. Tasmin Little is well recorded and so is John Lenehan, who as always proves a strong yet tactful partner.”

About this recording ….

The renowned violinist and exclusive Chandos artist Tasmin Little returns with a line-up of three women composers whose lives share some features but also significant differences that illustrate the complex lives of female musicians.

Clara Schumann, Dame Ethel Smyth, and Amy Beach all came from families that encouraged their musical interests but balked, in varying degrees, at professional training and engagement. All three composers draw on the influence of Robert Schumann and Brahms; Beach and Smyth, in particular, were fond of metrical and motivic manipulation.

Tasmin Little plays this music, so close to her heart, with her usual warmth and dexterity. The manuscript of Clara Schumann’s final chamber work, Three Romances, declares it ‘for piano and violin’, an ordering reflected in the relative complexity of the parts, the florid passagework here played beautifully by Little’s long-term collaborator, John Lenehan.

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