SACRED and PROFANE with The Sixteen and Harry Christophers

Sacred and Profane

Benjamin Britten:

Hymn to the Virgin
Hymn to Saint Cecilia
Advance Democracy
Sacred and Profane

William Cornysh:
My love she mourn’th
Salve Regina
Woefully array’d
Ave Maria, Mater Dei
Ah, Robin, gentle Robin

The Sixteen, Harry Christophers

Coro COR16159 @ £14.25 plus P&P

CD notes…

William Cornysh and Benjamin Britten were prolific writers of both sacred and secular music. Cornysh is actually two people, quite possibly father and son. Both
were court musicians who excelled at writing complex and adventurous antiphons for the church, as well as beautiful secular songs for the courts of Henry VII and
Henry VIII. As far as who wrote what is concerned, the truth may never be known and so here they are linked as one. Britten is celebrated for his ability to mix sacred and secular expertly in order to showcase the voice in all its multifaceted glory. A perfect example of this is Sacred and Profane, where he gives us a fascinating mixture of the devotional and the rumbustiously secular. The final song ‘A death’ is a wicked blend of horror and gallows humour far removed from the melancholic canon Ah, Robin, gentle Robin by Cornysh.

‘Some choirs of high renown aim for a kind of robotic perfection in synch with the digital age. Christophers’ troupe contains human beings colouring lines with individual hues, yet still acting and breathing as one.’ The Times

Coro COR16159 @ £14.25 plus P&P

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